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After lots of back and forth, I have finally decided to create a blog of Millie's story. When we first started on this adventure a few people told me to start one, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I did however, take huge comfort in keeping a diary for our daughter, during her time on NICU. In my last diary entry to her I congratulated her on her discharge. Our little fighter had spent 12 days in intensive care, 50 days in high dependency and 18 days in special care - A total of 80 days in hospital. 

She was given 40 different drugs whilst on the unit, and was extremely close to not making it at all. Naively, we thought that was the end of our premature baby roller coaster. We soon found out, however, that even though you've made that last entry, closed the diary and finally left as a family of 3 through the NICU doors you tirelessly walked through every day - The roller coaster doesn't end there...

This is Millie's story



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The reason for starting this blog..

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Today was my first mothers day as a mummy! It was a lovely day, spent with family. I woke up to a beautiful card, picture and little potted sun flower seed to grow, from Millie.

She also gave me another gift of a HUGE projectile vomit just before we were leaving to take the dog for a walk.. who obviously took advantage of the opportunity to try and eat the sick again. UGH...

After an outfit change and wash down for both of us, we finally managed to get on with our day! My husband made a lovely BBQ, and we spent the day moving in and out of the house trying to keep warm - We love summer, so have been trying to kid ourselves it was hot today! Millie has been fussed over all weekend, she has had cuddles with her guncles and grandparents - she loves seeing her family!

We've got a very busy week ahead of us, Millie has an appointment tomorrow morning with her respiratory specialist, to review how she is getting on with her breathing. She has another test next week to see if we can reduce the level of support she is on. She has put on so much weight recently and seems to be getting a lot stronger as a result, so hopefully we can successfully start to ween her down. It will be a great feeling for all of us to start seeing this come down, as she is currently in a very high level of oxygen.

We also have an appointment to get some hearing aids fitted. A week ago we found out that Millie is severely to profoundly deaf. We are not yet 100% sure of the severity, she needs some more tests doing, but she will definitely need support to be able to hear. As you can imagine, after everything Millie went through on NICU, to find out she is deaf was absolutely crushing..

However, as usual, we took the positive out of the situation. Had someone said to us at the beginning of this process Millie will come home but she wont be able to hear, we would have absolutely jumped at it. We also took comfort in the fact that, actually it could have been a lot worse. Her deafness is most likely a side effect of her being born premature / due to the medication she was on during her time in NICU. Absolutely the medical staff did the right thing in administering the drugs (they saved her life!) but we had absolutely no idea, until Millie's diagnosis, that deafness can be a side effect. So this came as a bit of a shock!

The whole process seemed extremely daunting to start with. A lot of information about hearing aids, implants and communication was thrown at us. However, I am actually now quite excited to go with her on this journey. As I mentioned in my last post - No disability will hold Millie back, she can still do what ever she wants to do in life, and she will do it well. If anyone can do this, it is Millie. She is an absolute fighter, our little hero.

I found an excellent quote online which perfectly sums up our attitude towards Millie's next hurdle. It is the exact reason why I created this blog, so that as a family we can write about her journey and prove this absolutely right...

Happy mothers day! From The Young's x