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After lots of back and forth, I have finally decided to create a blog of Millie's story. When we first started on this adventure a few people told me to start one, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I did however, take huge comfort in keeping a diary for our daughter, during her time on NICU. In my last diary entry to her I congratulated her on her discharge. Our little fighter had spent 12 days in intensive care, 50 days in high dependency and 18 days in special care - A total of 80 days in hospital. 

She was given 40 different drugs whilst on the unit, and was extremely close to not making it at all. Naively, we thought that was the end of our premature baby roller coaster. We soon found out, however, that even though you've made that last entry, closed the diary and finally left as a family of 3 through the NICU doors you tirelessly walked through every day - The roller coaster doesn't end there...

This is Millie's story



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A bag of sugar..

Millie was born on the 10th December 2018. She weighed exactly the same as a bag of sugar - 1KG (2.2 pounds) She was born at a gestation of 28+5 weeks, after I was diagnosed with pre eclampsia.

After a pretty straight forward pregnancy, it was a bit of a shock being admitted to hospital at 28 weeks after noticing my legs, arms and face had swollen up. I spent the next few days bed bound in hospital, with a strict fluid and food intake, a cannula in each hand for various drips, a catheter monitoring my fluid output vs input, strapped up to a heart monitor for baby.. Definitely not what I was expecting from my third trimester..

I lost count of the number of times my blood was taken. So much had been taken out of my arms, they started to take from the back of my hands and feet. After a few days of being a human pin cushion I could actually feel when my blood pressure was too high. I would get awful headaches, start to feel sick and my eyes would go blurry. This was the point at which the drs explained to us Millie would have to be delivered soon, otherwise both of us could die.

With that we were introduced to the unknown world of NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). Thinking we'd already been through so much.. because nothing could be worse that being told you and your unborn baby could die right?!.. we had no idea this was where the real roller coaster was about to begin.

That night I was given my second dose of steroid injections (so incredibly painful!) in a haste to grow Millie's lungs as strong as we could before delivery. Every hour I could keep her inside of me, was precious. I was determined to make it to 29 weeks. However, the following morning I couldn't keep any medication down, that was it. There was no other way of keeping my blood pressure stable. I was rushed off for an emergency C section - I had become the priority over our little girl, and was at a high risk of having a seizure.

Our Micro Millie, was born at 9:42am. She cried on delivery which was a huge relief, but we only saw her briefly before she was rushed off to intensive care - 78 days before her due date.

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